Our Services

We are committed to enhancing our client’s most important investment by exceeding their lawn service needs with reliability and value.  Imagine quiet family time, rest and relaxation – then leave the dirty work up to us!

Your business is just as important as ours.  Our flexibility and ability to customize a lawn care program for your property allows your home or business to make a great first impression.  Our lawn care and landscaping services include:

Custom Lawn Care:

We pride ourselves on our ability to make your lawn look its best.  All mowing services include string trimming and blowing of clippings creating a clean fresh look.  Weekly and monthly packages are available for our client’s convenience.

Sidewalk & Driveway Edging:

Edging walks, driveways and curbs will give your yard a neat, clean look that neighbors will envy!

Flower Beds & Landscaping Maintenance:

Our goal is to keep any flower beds and landscaping healthy, clean and attractive.  Proper care will keep your flowers, shrubs and bushes as fresh as the day you planted them!

Mulch & Decorative Rock Installation:

Let us shovel it for you!  Take back your weekend and let W. R. Davis & Son install the mulch or decorative stone of your choice!

Seasonal Services:

  • Snow Removal:  Serving residential properties, we keep your driveways, sidewalks and steps clear of snow.  We offer several different snow removal packages for the harsh Pennsylvania winter!
  • Spring & Fall Clean-up:  We have the ability to rake or blow leaves and grass clippings from your lawn landscaping or flower beds in the spring or fall season.  We leave no debris behind, ensuring your lawn looks great no matter what season!
  • Summer Vacation Maintenance:  Heading away for a much needed break this summer?   Worried about returning to an overgrown lawn?  W. R. Davis & Son to the rescue!  We are happy to maintain your lawn while you’re away – or stop by for by for a ‘welcome home’ trim so you are greeted by a lawn that looks like you never left!
  • De-Thatching:  Thatch is a layer of grass that develops at the base of the grass stems.  a thick buildup can prevent essential water and nutrients from reaching the grass root – resulting in an unsightly brown lawn.   W. R. Davis & Son will remove any build-up of thatch, ensuring that your lawn is ready to look it’s best this season!


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